Jetraw now available in the US

Dotphoton announces the appointment of ChiSquare managed by Rik van Gorsel as their representative in the US for Jetraw, its flagship product. Jetraw’s market leading RAW image compression software is used by optical system manufacturers and microscopy scientists in biomedical research.

Rik has extensive experience in both academia and industry. As a technologist and scientist with business acumen, his professional focus for the past decade has been delivering high quality quantum technologies to scientific communities in research and business.

With a background in biology, Rik has always been fascinated by the quantum physical principles underlying it, and the mathematics behind image formation, with compression being part of it. ”I wish Jetraw was around when I did my PhD looking for subtle changes in organelles among cellular structures with gradual transitions. It would have saved me so much time, switching from data management to actual research”. - Rik said.

Rik van Gorsel of ChiSquare now represents Jetraw in the US

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are the future pillars of image analysis, which, as Rik observed working with scientists, could currently be a tedious and not fully reliable process, due to the lack of suitable technology.

It is where Jetraw metrologically correct compression excels, maintaining all the image information in an unbiased way. It enables reliable and scalable data-centric AI image analysis. Jetraw’s ratio and speed at which it deals with large images is that of lossy formats. While just like lossless compression it delivers high resolution images near the diffraction limit, in large stacks in light sheet microscopy. Another essential aspect of the ‘better than lossless’ compression by Jetraw is the maintenance of statistical information, which is essential in AI analysis.

Based in Boston, Rik will be Jetraw’s main point of contact for the US market. So if you’re based in the US, please reach out to Rik to book a call, schedule a Jetraw demo, or simply send him any inquiries about the product.

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