We offer 3 tiers of pricing to suit everyone’s needs, depending on your research requirements, number of systems used, and the volume of processed data

Included on all plans

200mb/sec/core speed

Command line utilities for conversion of TIFF files

Free decompressor

Shared dynamic libraries and header files for custom development and integration

Plugins and modules for Python, Matlab, Fiji, Labview, etc.

With Jetraw you can

Transmit image files 6-7x faster on 1GigE or 10GigE connection

Use cloud with faster downloading speed

Optimise storage infrastructure (SSD, HD, cloud)

Reduce IT costs by 5-10x

Obtain FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) data

200mb/sec/core speed

5.1 - 10 1 compression ratio

Data traceability

Optimised for AI

Data limit

Number of cameras



1 camera



2 cameras




“Jetraw compression enables our customers to store data more efficiently and focus resources on science and discoveries instead of data management”

Petr Strnad, CEO of Viventis Microscopy